Saturday, November 19, 2011

Random figs

Since I started working on the IGs and Hirst Arts stuff, it only made sense to take a look through my old figs to see what I could bring to life. I found some which had primer and barely any paint which I think I which can save. I also found some without primer so I am getting them ready to go.

Anyone have any suggestions on how to take old paint off? I'd welcome any suggestions. Hoping to get some pics and some more primed while I smoke some ribs and ham hocks tomorrow. Might as well make the most of a lost day since the kids are sick and we won't make the Day Out with Thomas.

Hirst Arts project

Since my return from GenCon I have been playing with some Hirst Arts molds and have since added some more. I think I have 6 now. Plans include some terrain for my Imperial Guard, Castle Caldwell, and some sort of Snow White's castle for Molly. Pics of my first pours to come soon. I need more plaster, so that is on hold for now.

Imperial Guard update

So it seems someone was reading this blog and for her I am back to updating.
I bought a battle box and have most everything assembled and will be putting a second command squad together soon. I am nearly done my Chimera and I have a Leman Russ arriving this week.
I will also be tinkering with some additional models and some modifications just for fun with the extra bits and some eBay purchases, but first to field some troops.
Priming and painting to come soon. Guess I will take advantage of sick kids and us missing the Hershey/Day Out with Thomas to get some stuff done.