Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Wargaming Terrain: Oil tanks

Wargaming Terrain: Oil Storage Tanks

CD-ROM containers
I saw a while ago where someone had converted a CD ROM case into a piece of terrain. Well that got me looking around a lot more and here in and around Baltimore we have a lot of oil and other liquid tanks. That was the inspiration for this piece of terrain.

Primary Assembly of Oil Tanks
I started with two cases, I think they were 50 packs. I used two of the power supply bit pieces from Imperial Guard Sentinels. There is a hatch piece from an Imperial Guard tank (a Basilisk I think). The piping is from Gale Force Nine as is the other plasticard. Sure the stairs aren't even, but this is my first go and I am sure it will get destroyed eventually.

More photos to come after it is primed.

Monday, May 5, 2014

Armored personnel carrier for the Imperial Guard

I had an idea a while ago for a new Imperial Guard armored personnel carrier. Started with a donation to the blood god, but moved past that quickly.

This is based on a Valkyrie modification. The rear is the troop compartment from the Valkyrie. The rear door from the Valkyrie was removed and flipped. To keep the lines, the exit is a little raised.

The turret is a Kromlech gatlin gun turret. Front plow is from an Leman Russ. A few pieces of Gale Force Nine plastic card.

Still quite a ways to go, but fun progress for miniature Monday. Need windows on the front, treads, more guns of course and some covers for the side doors. Lots to get done, but not this evening.