Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Wargaming Terrain: Oil tanks

Wargaming Terrain: Oil Storage Tanks

CD-ROM containers
I saw a while ago where someone had converted a CD ROM case into a piece of terrain. Well that got me looking around a lot more and here in and around Baltimore we have a lot of oil and other liquid tanks. That was the inspiration for this piece of terrain.

Primary Assembly of Oil Tanks
I started with two cases, I think they were 50 packs. I used two of the power supply bit pieces from Imperial Guard Sentinels. There is a hatch piece from an Imperial Guard tank (a Basilisk I think). The piping is from Gale Force Nine as is the other plasticard. Sure the stairs aren't even, but this is my first go and I am sure it will get destroyed eventually.

More photos to come after it is primed.