Monday, September 2, 2013

Reaper Bones work in progress


 To build off of the completed treasure chest, it only made sense to paint the mimic. Of course it has to be consistent, should we need a quick swap in game. The wood is the same Chadathan brown and the metal parts are Chain Mail. The tongue is Blood Angels Red and the inside of the mouth and the gums are Crimson Gore. The teeth have received an initial coat of Bleached Bone as did the skull inside the mouth. Quite a bit to go before it can be used in play, but it is moving along.


Since I started with the lowest risk pieces first, I started this fountain at the same time I started the treasure chest. The base stone was painted a Charadon Granite. The liquid within the fountain is Crimson Gore. There is a little writing on the back that is Red, but may need to be a bit deeper. The stone was deepened with a mix of Tin Bitz and Charadon Granite then the entire surface dry brushed with Shadow Grey. Lots to go on this piece, especially the demon face (maybe it is Cthulu) on the front. 

 Frost Giant

The next up is a beauty of a frost giant. This will be the first of the bigger pieces, but all you get is this picture. I need to go get a bunch of new paints before I even start this beast. Already I had to do the hot/cold water dip to straighten the sword, but it seems good to go know. Many of the pieces with extended parts/weapons from the Bones line need some slight readjustment. Just dip into some near boiling water, manipulate to the position you want and then dip into ice water. Instant fix and stays strong. You can also use this method for manipulating wings and other items just because.


Something for my friend Rob, I had to include this Lizardman in the mix of the first figs. Here are a couple of shots of him, but look for updates on this piece soon. I think over the next week, he will be getting some paint applied. Need to see what I have and what I need to move him along quickly.  I need to go through the Kickstarter to see how many more I have though. Have to have at least a haf dozen otherwise where is the fun?

Found the booty!

Treasure Chest

I've gone through and finished the first of the Bones pieces, this treasure chest. It was missing a few minor pieces, but now after completing the handle of the sword and another piece that I couldn't identify. So both of these pieces got a layer of Bolt Gun Metal and then a strand of something that I hit with Blood Angels Red. 

The chest is sitting on top of a treasure pile with a sword, amulet, oil lamp. The coins were painted up with Shining Gold, Chainmail, washed with Devlan Mud and then dry brushed with Chain Mail. The oil lamp is Copper, the sword has a Snakebite Leather Sheath with some Bolt Gun Metal parts (pommel, cross hilt). The chest itself is Chandathan Brown, with a brown wash. The metal is Chain mail with a Tin Bitz dry brush. A little amulet/disc painted turquoise and another chain/rope of Blood Angels Red finished it up. Time to seal and off to play.