Monday, October 27, 2014

Basing your fantasy miniatures with the new work by Dragon Forge Studios

Dragon Forge Studios 

The folks at Dragon Forge Studios have a great looking new Kickstarter that could be useful for anyone who plays #Warhammer Fantasy Battles, #D&D, or other role-playing games with a fantasy or even Greek/Roman time frame.

The bases are available in all sorts of sizes (25mm, 40mm, and 60mm round bases, and 120mm x 95mm oval). There are also sets of bike bases available (25mm x 75mm and 40mm x 70m). Bases will be available with a beveled edge or with round lips.

Additional options include pillars, objective markers (ammunition, monolith, altar), hidden objective marker (broken pillar) plus an great Pillar Kit for scenery or diorama building.

Check them out at Ancient Ruins II Base Series and get on board while you can. I've joined in and will post follow-up posts when I have them and start using them up.

There are plenty of options for getting into this Kickstarter campaign and looks like the key point of entry with the most flexibility and power is at the current $55 pledge level. At this level you get the Hero exclusive set plus five additional sets of bases. This level also qualifies for any of the stretch goals (where free to those pledging over $50).

Look for more to come as the campaign continues over the remaining 9 days.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Secret Weapon Miniatures Shield Generator

I finally managed to squeeze some time for myself to do some painting. As a father of three it is hard at times to get a solid block of time to paint where it isn't so late that I am falling asleep.

The other day I managed to get about 4 hours to paint, though it was mixed with doing dishes, getting kids to bed, and other parental duties. I decided to take the time to paint up the Secret Weapon Miniatures Shield Generator a friend got for me while at Adepticon. The control unit for the generator will come another time.

Since I see this as a piece to go with my Imperial Guard, I was pragmatic in the color choices. I tried to keep to a pretty monotone, drab color choices since this needs to be a workhorse and probably been around for a lifetime.

For the bulk of the paint, I used the Reaper Master Series Paint (MSP). The main color is Military Gray with the overlay of Ash Gray for some contrast. The bolts and other replaceable, used parts I used Citadel Bolt Gun Metal . To make this look dirty, I made a wash from Vallejo Model Color Black Gray by adding a bunch of water then brushing it off until I got the mix of grime/shine that I wanted.

The power core is made of a mix of Citadel Space Marine Blue as the base with Vallejo Game Color Glacier Blue, Grey Blue, and Blue Wash. I am sure this could be improved with wet blending, but I don't know how to do that. Perhaps one day, I'll find some time with a master or some YouTube videos, but for now this is going to be considered complete and is table ready.

Let me know what you think,

Monday, October 6, 2014

Things to come...

Life as a gamer often takes a backseat to my life as a dad. Most recently nearly all modeling and painting work has taken a step back so that I can accommodate my children's soccer schedules. What does that look like, well three days a week I am coaching my son's team and three (or four) days a week I am sitting watching my daughter's team. Combine that with a beautiful little 20 month old and you get very little time to sit down to paint and model. Even in those times when I do, it is with half-open eyes.

Now mind you, I have been getting some stuff assembled and primed and updates on all of those projects will be posted this week. I'm currently working my way through my Valkyrie and Hellhound. I have the bones of my Hydra ready, though I stole the guns to also do a little work on my war train, which really has gone nowhere. I have in the box two more vehicles (Chimera and Taurox), so updates to those will be coming soon as well.

To make all of this madness insufficient, I am also working on a unit of Victoria Miniatures Victorian guard with a female standard bearer. All of this Imperial Guard stuff will be increased with some additional work for Victoria Miniatures coming soon.

Tonight will be some highlights of stuff following soccer... have to have everything done by May for my Geek Nation trip to Adepticon!