Monday, October 6, 2014

Things to come...

Life as a gamer often takes a backseat to my life as a dad. Most recently nearly all modeling and painting work has taken a step back so that I can accommodate my children's soccer schedules. What does that look like, well three days a week I am coaching my son's team and three (or four) days a week I am sitting watching my daughter's team. Combine that with a beautiful little 20 month old and you get very little time to sit down to paint and model. Even in those times when I do, it is with half-open eyes.

Now mind you, I have been getting some stuff assembled and primed and updates on all of those projects will be posted this week. I'm currently working my way through my Valkyrie and Hellhound. I have the bones of my Hydra ready, though I stole the guns to also do a little work on my war train, which really has gone nowhere. I have in the box two more vehicles (Chimera and Taurox), so updates to those will be coming soon as well.

To make all of this madness insufficient, I am also working on a unit of Victoria Miniatures Victorian guard with a female standard bearer. All of this Imperial Guard stuff will be increased with some additional work for Victoria Miniatures coming soon.

Tonight will be some highlights of stuff following soccer... have to have everything done by May for my Geek Nation trip to Adepticon!