Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Secret Weapon Miniatures Shield Generator

I finally managed to squeeze some time for myself to do some painting. As a father of three it is hard at times to get a solid block of time to paint where it isn't so late that I am falling asleep.

The other day I managed to get about 4 hours to paint, though it was mixed with doing dishes, getting kids to bed, and other parental duties. I decided to take the time to paint up the Secret Weapon Miniatures Shield Generator a friend got for me while at Adepticon. The control unit for the generator will come another time.

Since I see this as a piece to go with my Imperial Guard, I was pragmatic in the color choices. I tried to keep to a pretty monotone, drab color choices since this needs to be a workhorse and probably been around for a lifetime.

For the bulk of the paint, I used the Reaper Master Series Paint (MSP). The main color is Military Gray with the overlay of Ash Gray for some contrast. The bolts and other replaceable, used parts I used Citadel Bolt Gun Metal . To make this look dirty, I made a wash from Vallejo Model Color Black Gray by adding a bunch of water then brushing it off until I got the mix of grime/shine that I wanted.

The power core is made of a mix of Citadel Space Marine Blue as the base with Vallejo Game Color Glacier Blue, Grey Blue, and Blue Wash. I am sure this could be improved with wet blending, but I don't know how to do that. Perhaps one day, I'll find some time with a master or some YouTube videos, but for now this is going to be considered complete and is table ready.

Let me know what you think,