Monday, October 27, 2014

Basing your fantasy miniatures with the new work by Dragon Forge Studios

Dragon Forge Studios 

The folks at Dragon Forge Studios have a great looking new Kickstarter that could be useful for anyone who plays #Warhammer Fantasy Battles, #D&D, or other role-playing games with a fantasy or even Greek/Roman time frame.

The bases are available in all sorts of sizes (25mm, 40mm, and 60mm round bases, and 120mm x 95mm oval). There are also sets of bike bases available (25mm x 75mm and 40mm x 70m). Bases will be available with a beveled edge or with round lips.

Additional options include pillars, objective markers (ammunition, monolith, altar), hidden objective marker (broken pillar) plus an great Pillar Kit for scenery or diorama building.

Check them out at Ancient Ruins II Base Series and get on board while you can. I've joined in and will post follow-up posts when I have them and start using them up.

There are plenty of options for getting into this Kickstarter campaign and looks like the key point of entry with the most flexibility and power is at the current $55 pledge level. At this level you get the Hero exclusive set plus five additional sets of bases. This level also qualifies for any of the stretch goals (where free to those pledging over $50).

Look for more to come as the campaign continues over the remaining 9 days.