Monday, November 3, 2014

The road from lovely strumpet to deadly vixen

Reaper Bones Conversion

This is a little update on a conversion I made using some of the Reaper Bones models from the original Kickstarter campaign. This is my attempt to take a lovely and alluring woman and make her much more deadly. The attitude was there, but she was missing an important component...a slender dagger.

Let's meet our cast...

To accomplish this conversion, I started with the Reaper Bones Strumpet ($2.49). As you can see in this photo, this is of a young, beautiful woman who is holding her skirt well up her thigh and beckoning some admirer. 

To make her a little more deadly, I had to borrow from the Reaper Bones Alchemist ($2.49). The blade he held was rather slender and a little ill-suited to the rest of the figure. It was an awfully dainty weapon and probably a little too small for this character. 

To correct for the removal of his blade, I took a short sword from one of the Reaper Bones Kobold set ($3.49). As you can see there are three sets and one has a spear and short sword which is well suited for removal as we shall later see. 

The perilous road...

There are a issues I had to address in this conversion, but the most important was her position. I wanted her to be more aggressive and so decided she would be on a more forward facing position. To accomplish this, I started by removing her head. This allowed me to turn her to a front-facing position and better hide the blade behind her back. The original position had the blade completely obvious. With her face now forward, I had to smooth out the transition in her hair and used some green stuff to accomplish this. I tried to keep the overall pattern of her hair. 

Her right arm, was still well out to her side, which then didn't make it look much like she was trying to draw someone into herself. I took out a wedge of material from under her right arm and forced the right arm to a much more forward position so she was effectively calling the person to whom she was looking. The Bones material is very easy to cut away using a sharp blade, so be extremely careful in cutting. It could be very easy to remove the arm or bury the knife into your hand

Her left had was still clutching the dress, which did not work at all for holding a knife/dagger. I sliced her hand from her hip and then cut at her elbow. From here, I transitioned her arm so that it was sitting behind her back and resting against her backside. That adds additional support to the figure as well. I sliced the blade from the Alchemist just above the handle so that he had the next blade transition would be smooth. The knife was then attached to her hand and some green stuff added to smoother out the transition. You can see in the two images below, that the blade doesn't truly get hidden from sight, and though it could potentially go at a more upright position that causes some other issues. 

For the Alchemist, I remove the blade from the spear and short sword wielding Kolbold and left him with an empty hand. He now looks like he is standing guard so, no real issues with the loss of his weapon. Besides, how many kobolds wield two weapons? Well one less now.
That is all for now, hopefully the painting will conclude this weekend for another update. Until then, comments on the conversion are more than welcomed.