Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Zentraedi invasion detected, alert the Robotech Defense Force!

Robotech Kickstarter Update

Well the first set of my Robotech RPG Tactics was delivered. This is already a pretty impressive amount of material to build and looks like there will be plenty of options when fielding a game. So far for my $100 pledge, I've received the core set, which I haven't even gone through yet. I've also received the bonus material round 1, which I've just started to go through. 

The box set really has a lovely look and feel to it, but the contents were a little surprising. I'm not sure exactly what I was expecting, but it was definitely more than a large box that only contained sprues of figures. 
The set also came with a nice print, which is the cover of the box. This depicts the iconic Valkyrie facing off against an invading force of Zentraedi. In the background is SDF-1. 

The bonus package contains a great number of stretch goal materials about equally split between UEDF forces and Zentraedi. There are Valkyries in different sets of transformation, some Spartan Destroids, and Phalanx Destroids. The Zentraedi forces include Regult Battlepods and a Quel Guinau recovery pod. 

I've started assembly on some and have some comments, but those will be coming in some later posts. 

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