Sunday, July 3, 2011

Imperial Army Update

I am nearly completed my first Imperial. It took a while, but I sprinkled in a 10 day vacation and pulled muscle, so not too terribly bad. I need to complete his face, but otherwise think this is done. Time to replicate onto the rest of the army as I build them. Please feel free to give some feedback.
While I was looking through my old paints, and say something for the quality of Games Workshop bottles, this 10 year old paint is still good. I decided to paint up an old GW miniature I had primed white. I didn't do any clean up then apparently as there is flash on the mini still, but I went ahead with painting anyway. This is another practice case.
I'm not sure what model this was from GW, but is some sort of mummy figure.  Too bad they don't make mini's like this anymore. If anyone has old figs like this that aren't painted, I'd like to get them.