Thursday, August 11, 2016

Get 'em while you can

Kickstarter Roundup

Secret Weapon Tablescapes Dungeons

Core Set Components (Stair Set not shown)
Core Set Components
Secret Weapon Miniatures has developed a new area of your table top environment, Dungeons. This extension of the previously successful Tablescapes Tiles. The Tablescape Tiles product allows for a very quick set-up for war games or overland scenes for role-playing games. The new Tablescapes Dungeons is a fully compatable sister product that allows you to take your adventure underground or into a cavernous mine. The Tablescapes are also fully compatible with the Dwarven Forge and Fat Dragon Tiles.

As the Kickstarter campaign enters its last few days, let's take a look at where it stands. There are two entry levels for pledges, $5 (allows purchase of add-on items) or $75 which gets the contents of the campaign and can purchase add-on items. The $75 pledge level so far will get you the Core Set, Core Walls, Core Passageways, Core Floors, Stair Set, Door Set, and Bridge Set. The funding stands just over $120,000 and at $140,000 will unlock the bridge set. You can see most of the components released so far in the image to the right. This image excludes the stair set, which is three additional pieces (floor stair entrance, two levels of stair risers). 

In addition to the Core Set, you can add a Mine Track set ($18) or a Troll Hole ($6) and lots of options for Reaper Bones, Secret Weapon Crystals, and Reaper Paints. 

The Hobby Transporter

Another campaign which is coming to a close, is the Laser Shark Designs' hobby case. The Hobby Transporter ($95 AUD/~$72 US) is miniature case designed specifically for those who travel with hobby gear and models around the country or world. This case is designed to open entirely (top and front open) and houses a removable shelf to give two levels of model storage and removable tray to hold hobby supplies. There are pledge levels that include additional shelves or multiple cases. 

Open case with tray and shelves
Hobby Transporter with shelves and hobby tray
The case has latches and locks, but is TSA compatible to ensure ease of transport across the United States. The shelf is made of clear acrylic with a laser etched Laser Shark Designs' logo. There are a number of shelf guides within the case to allow for the safe transport of any sized model. 

As add-on you can get steel shelf liners which will allow the use of magnetized bases instead of using blue tack. Additional shelves (acrylic and paint trays) can be purchased as well as the newly developed leaf punches. These are similar to punches for scrapbooking and come with designs for Oak, Maple, and Birch leaves. 

If you are travelling with models for display or models for competition, I highly recommend this case. Designed and developed by professional painters for just this reason. 

Linebreaker Preview

Later this week, I will be completing the next This Is Not A Test Peacekeeper for the NOVA Open Silent Auction. When people get out of hand, you want the Linebreaker ($6.50) on your side. This one got a little freehand (my first ever) and when it is your first attempt, why not tackle the Maryland flag on a helmet visor? Well, here's a preview to Sunday's post.