Sunday, January 19, 2014

Aaaaaagh! Goblins!

I finally pulled out some old figs that were sitting around primed for a long time. Originally these goblins were for my kids to paint, then the Reaper Bones came and they get much cheaper figs to paint. Well for these goblins I tried to stick to a pretty simple color scheme. Skin is GW goblin green, bleached bone teeth, mechrite red eyes. Charadon grey, bestial brown and vermin fur for clothing, brown wash and devlan mud washes. Shields were a simplified cal than brown with a moon Ivanden dark sun. The eyes are mechrite red and teeth are bleached bone. The shields were washed with devlan mud. Only non-GW paint is the golden brown from the Reaper Master Series for ropes. They were fun and I got them done quickly (well for me) and hopefully I get to finish basing and put them to play in a D&D game soon.