Thursday, January 23, 2014

Goblins are coming!

Thought I had a clear week to get some serious painting completed... I mean how often does the wife leave town for a week. Instead the week started with a sick one year old followed by a sick me. Well I finally managed to keep my eyes open and pull myself off the couch to sit down and base these goblins. I used the new Citadel texture paint Stirland Mud to add the mud texture and followed that with some Battlefields Highland Tuft - 6mm.

The Citadel texture paint is pretty thick stuff. I definitely will need to do a lot more work with this texture stuff. It may take a stiffer brush, but I found it hard to add to the base and with even the tiniest amount of water it was as thin as regular paint. That said there is a good amount of texture in the paint and the grains are very fine. I am sure some highlight in it will bring it together. Here are a couple of shots, let me know what you think.