Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Travelogue: Business trip painting

I decided to try to take some of my Reaper Bones miniatures with me on my business trip. I thought this would be an easy feat, but there are some definite issues you need to know before you pack. In the states you still have to consider the need to pack liquids in a quart sized bag, the bottle or pots you take will easily meet the <3.5 oz. requirement. The potential hiccup is that you also have to fit any toothpaste, deodorant, hair product, etc. into that quart sized bag.

I packed what I thought would be easy figures, Reaper Bones rats and spiders. Now ordinarily this would have been great, I even had a plan for painting them. I selected my colors (white, black, two shades of grey), but I hadn't tested any of these before. Turns out the black was too shiny and the white too white. So that gave me a two color palette and I didn't want them all the same. I also took a brown wash, but never got to the wash phase.

I packed everything using my Battle foam P.A.C.K. mini. I had already customized the pick foam tray so it could hold a variety of bottle, pots, or figures; so that was not a problem. Of course the paints didn't travel in the kit and the space for figs was large compared to these miniatures, but that was fine. The brushed went into a little sleeve area with no issue. I probably wouldn't pack quality brushes that way though.

I've definitely learned some lessons. Test the paint scheme first. Set out a realistic set of goals, better to achieve them all then miss the mark. Know he colors you actually need and pack efficiently. This would work like a charm with units if you are well planned. At least I can try again next week.