Tuesday, July 14, 2015

It takes and Ironheart to get organized

Ironheart Artisans' Paint Rack

Quality brushes

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Paint brush components
One of the biggest issues I have it keeping my brushes organized and at the ready. Recently I decided to invest in some Windsor and Newton Series 7 Sable brushes after experiences at Adepticon 2014. As such wanted the proper way to store them and keep them organized. Now for those who aren't aware, the proper way to store a brush is horizontally not vertically. The reason is simple, it prevents any water and paint remnants from getting into the ferrule. This will allow the brush to dry without the bristles spreading from the base out. Be aware of this if you are already using the Games Workshop Paint Station or any number of paint racks or a good old cup.

Paint brush rack


Individual kit pieces
The Ironheart Artisans' Paint Brush Rack is a kit made from laser-cut MDF that is simple enough to slide together. The rack has curved hooks that will allow it to hold 8 brushes (or tools if you are a modeler). As with all of the Ironheart MDF pieces, it can be assembled with or without glue and is stables on a tabletop. The rack stands about 6.5 inches tall and is 3.5" x 4.5" at the base. The sloped design allows you to easily grab the brush you need with ease.

Step-by-step assembly

Top support addition
The assembly of the rack is pretty simple, but I've put together a step-by-step pictorial on assembly since detailed instructions are not included in the kit. This really is an easy kit to put together, so there are plenty of ways to get to the end, but here is what I did.

Rear arch addition
I started by connecting the two risers with the top cross piece. The top cross piece slides up from the bottom to the top into two notches built into the risers. I only did this to give is stability to allow for the rest of the assembly. As you can see in the photo the rack is well branded with the Ironheart Artisans logo.

The next step was to add the rear arch to the base. The arch has a notch cut out of it that slides into the nothces on the bottom of the bottom rear of the riser pieces. This gives stability to the rear of the rack with some additional style to the rack.
Front support addition

The front of the rack also receives an additional support. The bottom front support connects to the riser in a notch where it slides from top to bottom. This is also branded with the Ironheart Artisans web address.

Final rack assembly with two W&N brushes
The final assembled piece holds eight brushes neatly with easy access. The rack will easily accommodate any brush that is at least 4 inches (10.5 cm) across measured from the ferrule to the end of the handle.

This is another great offering from Ironheart Artisans and I'll be looking to add another to the collection soon to hold the sculpting tools (dental picks). It is a good feeling to add a little more organization and structure to the painting table.