Wednesday, August 26, 2015

First in (style)...the Secret Weapon's 6x6 Rapid Assault vehicle

Secret Weapon's 6x6 Rapid Assault Vehicle

Secret Weapon Miniatures has long been a go to place for resin bases, they have a large variety and every style and size imaginable. Secret Weapon also has a fantastic line of washes and weathering pigments (Hands-on weathering pigments with Mr. Justin blogpost). But today, I am going to review the single vehicle kit offering, the 6x6 Rapid Assault Vehicle.

6 x 6 Rapid Assault kit contents
I purchased this after my many looks and considerations and after spending nearly an entire weekend hanging at the Secret Weapon booth at AdeptiCon. The kit contains 21 pieces which are a mix of resin and metal castings.

The hull is comprised of two main parts. The hull bottom has two quite large resin parts on the back, so you may want to have a saw at the ready. The bottom part has two hatches in the rear and components for the suspension for each wheel.

Hull top (detail view)
The hull has a lot of detail to it as you can see in the top hull image. Along the top and sides are a number of hatches, tools, vents and other details. There are also two ports to the rear of the right and left sides for gun ports. The top half of the hull has a whole to seat the turret. There is an elevated ring around the turret seat that hides the turret seating. The top of the hull has a square hole for the hull gun. There are two options for the hull gun, a machine gun or a flamer. The fit isn't super snug, but solid enough that you could easily add magnets for weapon swaps without any concern for wiggle.

Turret (detail view)
To assemble the hull, you first should attach the wheel hubs to the lower hull portion. The hubs have notches that will allow them to slide down onto the suspension components and fit rather snuggly. If you try to put these on after assembling the top and bottom hull pieces, you will have a lot of difficulty. The top hull half has small rounded buttons that seat into the cups on the top of the bottom half of the hull. The exhaust system fits flush to the rear of the top half of the hull. There are two pipes that will line up when correct. There is also a plate location that will be facing up when the exhaust is attached.

The turret assembly is a single piece with a notch for the main gun assembly. The turret has a small amount around the base that needed to be trimmed, but as with the rest of the rest of the resin components, there was very little clean-up necessary. There are six (6) different options for the main gun. The main gun could be an autocannon, multi-laser, plasma cannon, flame cannon (heavy flamer), heavy support cannon (mortar), machine guns, or a high velocity cannon. The turret guns don't quite fit as well as the hull gun, but the fit is good enough that you could magnetize all of them for quick swaps. The turret guns have some flak that will need to be removed as with any metal cast.
Main gun options...6 of them!

The wheels fit onto the body with a spoke into a whole design. The fit for each varies, but with some adhesive it won't matter. This is a fixed wheel design. The wheels have rims cast onto them. The tread pattern is a diamond shape and adds sufficient texture to finish the wheels.

This kit is a very solid and has a great deal of detail. I purchased this as an attachment to my Imperial Guard (Astra Militarum) army and to go with my Elysium vehicles that were purchased at AdeptiCon. This kit can be used in any number of games, but for now I plan on using this as a Chimera variant.