Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Skulls, Skulls, Skulls...

Dragon Forge Design's Skulls

Not so long ago, Dragon Forge Design's put together a very quick Kickstarter campaign to produce some heroic scale, 28 mm skulls case in resin for our modelling pleasure. I jumped on the Kickstarter very quickly. I've purchased some other Dragon Forge bases and was part of the Ancient Ruins II Kickstarter, so this was a natural extension for some modelling projects I had in mind.

Kickstarter $50 Backer Fulfillment
Now because this Kickstarter was so simple in design, literally getting the funding to take the sculpts to casting, it was really a matter of how many skulls do you need. I decided, the $50 pledge was sufficient and that netted me at least 200 skulls. Now if you want to count how many, there are four (4) skulls on each cast and I received a total of 57, which netted me 228 skulls. There was only one add-on to the Kickstarter, which was Mr. Bones, which I skipped. In hindsight, I am kicking myself, because who couldn't use some skeleton parts? Now you can get the entire set together, which is Skeleton, Skulls, and Bones!

Skulls (front view)
As I mentioned earlier, each sprue is cast in resin with four different skull designs on each sprue. I am planning on using some to add enhancements to one of the Bones I have from the original Kickstarter campaign. You may recall the Reaper BONES Altar of Evil, which definitely needs some additional materials to decorate the top. I think the current plan is to sculpt some decorations for the top, possibly to include a spell book, a candle-holding skull, and a chalice. That should round out the look of this Evil shrine nicely.

As for the skeleton, I will be purchasing one separately with my next Dragon Forge order as I have in mind the skeleton emerging from the Reaper Bones Fountain of Chaos where a pool of translucent goo (colored realistic scenic water) will cover the emerging skeleton.

So let's talk about these skulls a bit. The skulls have 4 different sculpts and provide some great modelling inspiration. You get one rather Skeletor looking head, one with a bit more of a grimace. One with what I can only imagine is a maniacal scream/laugh to terrorize and the final one without a lower jaw.

These can easily be used to swap out heads on GW Space/Chaos Marines or any of the similar factions. These can be used to ramp up some of the other Bones miniatures to give them the next level for an undead warrior. Or of course, you can use them to decorate altars, bookshelves, add to the hand of your Hamlet-inspired figure, or as basing materials. There are very few limitations to how you can use these beauties and hopefully with 200+, I can start to explore all of these possibilities.