Wednesday, October 7, 2015

MAIL CALL!!! Infamy Miniatures Welcome to the Big Smoke Kickstarter Delivery!

Welcome to the Big Smoke! 

After a long day of preparing for a Good Laboratory Practices audit by our potential client's independent consultant (I am a Quality Assurance professional), it was quite nice to see a wonderful brown box with a Royal Mail label. Now this was not expected and I wasn't sure what it was, but was sure it was some miniature fun.

When I opened the box, to my delight it was my Welcome to the Big Smoke package from Infamy Miniatures. Now I can't express to you how amazing the quality of these sculpts, which is also quite daunting since I will now have to paint them. So let's take a closer look at the pieces I got from the Kickstarter...well right after we take a look at the non-miniature stuff.

Postcards and dice

The first thing I wanted to take a look at were the incredible art postcards that were free with the Kickstarter Battle pledge level I selected. There are a total of ten postcards.

There is art for a very industrial Victorian-era London, a smog-laden city panorama. A shot of Uncle John hosting his Animal Circus from the London Zoo surrounded by Chee Chee and some of his chimp soldiers. Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson "interviewing" a figure on the street. Tesla sitting in thought amidst the ruins of the city with his Tesla Cannon behind him.

Henrietta Jekyll leading the outlandish Frank Hyde. The true American import, the March family loaded up with six shooters and rifles. We get Officer Crookes with the Tesla rifle taking aim. Tellulah Belle and Corvus moving wildly through the city. A lovely couple working in the kitchen making some fresh sausage...I only the spices are right, cause it may be the only thing that's right. And to finish out the set, the master himself, Tesla hard at work.
Infamy branded dice

To finish off the non-miniature materials included in the pack, were two Infamy branded dice. One was the standard clear die with the Infamy logo. The second was an opaque die with the Welcome to the Big Smoke icon in gold.


 Well, let me first restate that these are some of the best resin sculpts that I have ever seen. I am kicking myself that I didn't pony up for the Full English pledge level. So let's talk about these miniatures.

Now it would not be Victorian London with out pigeons, I mean grab your tuppence and re-watch Mary Poppins if you have forgotten. This set of five pigeons was included with the pledge level. The detail is wonderful and there are a number of poses including one pigeon in flight. Now for me this brings to mind entirely new ideas for basing and for other games.

Harry "The Hat" Hallahan
Harry "The Hat" Hallahan was one figure I knew immediately that I had to have in my collection.  Harry comes with a variety of weapons including a pie! He also has a wrench should you really want to knock someone about. Harry has a set of accents to fill out his work belt, including some

The Mole
When you see Mole, all you can say is, "Yes!" Not only does he have the perfect face for the figure, he is loaded down with a chest full of dynamite! He has a steam-powered pack that runs his digger arm and provides powers his massive hammer.

Frank Hyde
Now the Mole may have a massive hammer, but Frank Hyde is just massive. This new interpretation of the Jekyll and Hyde myth is truly imaginative. In Welcome to the Big Smoke, Jekyll is a chemical fueled monster that is under Dr. Henrietta Jekyll's control. He has a chemical tank backpack piped directly into him and is wrapped in chains, but it looks like he may have skipped leg day.

Mad Pete
Corvus is a high flying, debonair gentlemen. Well in this setting being in the jet set means being well armed as your fly about the London rooftops.
Tellula Belle

Pete's partner in crime is the every so lovely Tellulah Belle. Where Corvus is moving with a rocket-powered backpack, Tellulah has opted for flight from powered wings. The sculpt is incredibly well styled and detailed, right down to the laces on her knee-high boots.

The Toad
 Another heavy hitter, The Toad is well armed. Powered by a coal-fired furnace, The Toad carries quite the arsenal. His steam hammer is enough to crush any foe who gets close enough, which is not very likely considering the Gatling gun he also carries. While either is extremely powerful and dangerous, he is protected by his enormity and the steam harness that powers him.

Badger should be considered armed and very dangerous. While the body of the sculpt is fine and well detailed, the amazing part of this sculpt truly is in the augmented arms. Each arm is articulated with some external rods and give him a powered up punch.

The world renown and frequently overlooked mechanical genius with the power to harness lightning, well electricity, Tesla is well equipped with a powered backpack that allows him to throw electricity. No worries, I am sure this is set-up for alternating current.

There are many more characters available to romp through London in Welcome to the Big Smoke. Hopefully I'll find my way to owning more of them as I manage to get these sculpts into the queue of painting and playing.

I didn't pick up the entire set of miniatures and there are plenty that I wish I had purchased. I am hopeful that as this moves forward, I'll catch up with them and in the mean time we will get to see some releases from davetaylorminiatures.