Wednesday, October 21, 2015

This Is Not A Test: Marsha's Report - Snipe Hunt

This Is Not A Test: Marshal's Report - Snipe Hunt

The following are the Marshal's reports of recent occurrences of peacekeeper activity from event at or near to Dropzone Games in Glen Burnie, MD. All reports are provided directly from the surviving ranking officer and are considered accurate and true.

Marshal O'Halihan leading the Gardia
Marshal's Report

Snipe hunt

Reported by: Marshal O'Halihan
Date: October 12, 2086

Unit details:

Marshal O'Halihan
K-9 Handler Mutt
K-9 units, Dawg & Cagney
Sniper Manny
Officer Flynn
Officer Murphy
Officer Scullin
Officer Timmy O'Toole

Activity Report

Officers approaching the northeast ruins
The Gardia were informed of a potential cache of relics in some nearby ruins. These relics are thought to only be known by a few of the locals who do not have the capabilities to secure the potential arms and would be at the mercy of any who recovered the relics. Marshal O'Halihan was assigned to take the Gardia and secure any weaponry or other relics before they became a problem.

The unit approached the ruins of this old mixed-use area from the east in two distinct groups. Marshal O'Halihan lead K-9 officer Mutt, Dawg, Cagney, and Officer Flynn to the southeast approach. Sniper Manny, Officer Murphy, Officer Scullin, and Officer Timmy O'Toole approached the area from the northeast approach.

Officer Manny had previously scouted a structure that would allow for visibility across the entire area. Officer Manny quickly moved into position, securing a structure and making his way to the second floor to provide a wide area of visibility and to allow him to provide cover fire to the other officers. Officer Murphy moved into a support position on the ground floor of the building, which may have possibly been an apartment building. With this cover, Officer Timmy O'Toole was able to secure one of the suspected ruin sites.

Mutt covering Dawg
The Caravanners moved in quickly and started laying down fire at the officers. The Caravanners were bolstered by a number of mutants which seem to be under Killee's command. I'm not sure how she was keeping them organized, but they seemed eager to engage.

Officer Flynn was able to move quickly to secure a second sets of ruins. K-9 Handler Mutt sent the K-9 Units forward to engage a few of the caravanners that emerged from the remnants of a structure. On the approach of the K-9 Unit Dawg, the caravanner Spot emerged from the ruins to engage. K-9 Handler Mutt fired on Spot as Dawg engaged. The shot was on target and sufficient to incapacitate Spot. Dawg continued into the building to engage  Ms. Perfect. Quickly Dawg was surrounded by Mrs. Argyle and Mrs. Stuffings as well.

K-9 Unit Cagney moved up along the backside of a ruined pipeline to approach the group engaged with Dawg. Upon emerging from behind the pipe, Cagey was shot at by Mr. Flash. Cagney moved on to engage Mr. Flash to keep him isolated from the rest of the engagement.

Marshal O'Halihan was able to secure the ruins and send Offiver Flynn forward. With the caravanners essentially pinned down behind some ruins further to the west, Sniper Manny was able to provide support fire that allowed Officer Timmy O'Toole and Marshal O'Halihan to perform thorough searches of the ruins. Officer Scullin moved forward into the ruins to provide some cover for Officer Timmy O'Toole and to attempt to push the caravanners out of cover. The caravanners moved in from the southwest and caught Officer Scullin in a crossfire. While he was wounded by Killee in the firefight, he was merely banged up in the engagement.
Dawg surrounded by caravanners

When he had finished his search, Marshal O'Halihan was able to engage the caravanners who were engaged with Dawg. After Dawg was knocked down, Marshal O'Halihan was able to wound Mrs. Stuffings and Mrs. Perfect. The shot was sufficient to take Mrs. Stuffings down, but Mrs. Perfect ran for cover.

As this engagement progressed a significant electrical storm was moving into the area. Both sides moved quickly to disengage and retreat to safer locations. As a result of the caravanners hasty retreat all officers were recovered and returned to HQ.

Post-Activity update

Killee's increasing caravanner band
Though Officer Scullin is new to the unit, his bravery and tenacity were recognized. He has been promoted within the warband to a specialist. Sniper Manny was recognized further and received the personal targeting array that was discovered by Offiver Timmy O'Toole. The Gardia greatly benefits from the resourcefulness of Officer Flynn. Based on the outstanding performance of Mutt and Officer Murphy, they were recognized for their marksmanship. Dawg was recognized for her continued ability to engage and melee with the enemy. For his bravery to secure the ruins, Officer Timmy O'Toole was awarded a set of Riot Gear and a bayonet.


Around the settlements, there are incoming rumors of some clans of mutants even more deplorable and appalling than those we have encountered recently. If the rumors and old campfire stories are true than a true vile menace is about to return to the Tri-State Area, the Cannibal Clan. The legendary Wormwood clan; an inbred, cannibalistic family that dwells somewhere in the caves on the border of the Highlands. Reports have come to us that this cannibal clan (and there may be more than one clan given the distance between the reporting settlements) has been raiding small, isolated settlements and absconding with people for, one can only imagine, the most dreadful of reasons. Further reports indicate that the clans are desperate and using the most gruesome weapons to eliminate any resistance. We will be investigating these reports as we patrol the region and report back what we learn. Hopefully we will know more before Halloween!