Sunday, November 1, 2015

Jupiter City's Newest S.E.n.T.R.I. Response Team

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Sunday, September 18, 2046 

Jupiter Gazetteer

Jupiter City's superfits S.E.n.T.R.I. RaReTe in Glasston 

Hardesich Enterprises protecting tomorrow


Yesterday, at the entry gate to the Hardesich Enterprises complex, Mayor Mason presented the latest in the S.E.n.T.R.I. defense system for Jupiter City. A new S.E.n.T.R.I Rapid Response Team (RaReTe) to provide a more advanced tactical response and force protection was activated in Jupiter City's Glasston area. The team is loaded with the latest technologies from Hardesich Enterprises.

According to Mayor Mason, "This team will bring merge the latest in defense capabilities from Hardesich and communications integration by NexTek to ensure rapid, focused, integrated response to any emergency." While it was clear that the unit is part of S.E.n.T.R.I., Commissioner Browning indicated that his staff were fully integrated into the response system and would have access to this team as a new resource to better protect the city and greater metropolitan area. S.E.n.T.R.I staff did not make comments or take any questions at the event.   Following the announcement, RaReTe loaded into a set of custom trucks and departed for the S.E.n.T.R.I. operations center.


Jupiter City Sparks Sign A Prospect  - The Sparks offered a development deal to baseball superstar, Noah Layfield, this week signing him right after his 2015 Fall season debut with Lake Shore Blue Bombers. Noah skills were on display as he went 2-2 with 2 runs and 2 RBIs. Not a one-sided player and definitely a sign of confidence, he excelled at multiple positions on the Sunday afternoon game. He started at center field, played catcher, and finished up as the game's closer. The Blue Bombers played the Blue Blast in what turned out to be a hitters duel ending in a 30-30 tie after five innings.


Making of RaReTe  

The RaReTe team is composed of a six-man strike force, that will be supplemented and grown to meet the current needs of Jupiter City. So let's talk about how this team was assembled. I previously provided the base model information in the Defending the Pacific Northwest from Jupiter City...S.E.n.T.R.I forces article. These figures have also been used for almost all of the This Is Not A Test games as my Gardia force.

All of the models wear a base uniform, which was painted up with Reaper MSP HD Military Grey. These tactical uniforms are designed to keep the body cool with a composite polymer which includes a Kevlar-like fabric to protect against bullets and blades. All of the officers are equipped with some amount of armor. For the standard officers, the armor is a lighter body armor, suitable for most engagements. The tactical officer equipped with the flamethrower has some armor which is supplemented by sets of flame retardant pads to protect against heat and fire. The sergeant of team is equipped with similar light weight gear, but has his helmet clipped to his belt. The last of the unit, is the Captain, who is geared up completely with heavy tactical armor. The armor base is a Vallejo Model Color Black Grey. This armor was washed with Secret Weapon Soft Body Black to add depth.

All of the weapons had a base coat of Reaper MSP HD Midnight Black which has a purplish color to it. This works well with the black weapons. I went back over them with some Vallejo Gunmetal Grey to add some weathering. For the flamethrower, some Vallejo Model Color Gunmetal Blue was also dry brushed onto the ends to give it the look of metal that has reached very high temperatures.

The helmets were painted up with Reaper MSP HD Ash Grey.
These were washed with Vallejo Dark Grey Wash.The googles/visors of the helmets were painted first with Vallejo Grey Blue then hit with a highlight of Reaper MSP HD Concrete Grey. The trim on the lenses and other trim was painted with the Gunmetal Grey to give a metallic look.

The Captain and Officers have backpacks with some equipment. The air canisters were painted up with Citadel Chainmail as were the badges on the chests. The main part of the backpack was painted with Reaper MSP HD Field Grey as were the ties on what look to be sleeping bags or something similar. These were painted Reaper MSP HD Woodland Brown.

The tanks on the flamethrower's back were painted with Citadel Fiery Red. These tanks have highlights of Citadel Chainmail. All of the backpacks has some little lighted screens/buttons which were painted Citadel Mechrite Red or Citadel Enchanted Blue. Touches of ammunition and other things were painted up with various

All of the models were based on the Techtonic Craft Studios TekDech base crowns. I wrote up how these were painted and give a review of these base crowns in the I'm all about that base, bout that base, it's Techtonic article.

For This Is Not A Test, these officers represent Road Marshal O'Halihan's Gardia, a Peacekeeper warband. What is labeled as Captain above is Road Marshal O'Halihan who is a rough and tumble character, but with all the best intentions. He is motivated as a protector and one who wants to get back to the ancient times. In other circumstances, he would have been a Preservationist. But when the need was greatest he stepped up and to protect those who needed it most.

The Sergeant figure is what I use as my K-9 Handler, Mutt. This is a great figure and gives the appropriate look of a specialist for the police. Mutt is in charge of two K-9 units, Dawg and Cagney. Dawg is a Reaper BONES miniature which was previously discussed in the Marshal's Report: The Night Has Eyes. I have a slew of additional dogs from various manufacturers that will be added to the unit as I can get them painted, but the first to get done is a representation of Cagney.

The last three that are used are regularly are the officers. These are the Rank & File Officers of This Is Not A Test. These officers are your typical group and I have a cadres, named Flynn, Murphy, O'Brien. I usually use the flamethrower officer for Officer Scullin, but this won't work much longer. Officer Scullin uses a shotgun, but recently I picked up a flamethrower and will be adding a tactical officer to the mix soon.

New BONES will be painted up soon to grow the Gardia/RaReTe units. Protecting the wasteland or future Marvel city take tenacity and guns and these guys have both.