Wednesday, May 11, 2016

From the ashes of the boxpocalypse

The dust settles around the house of Mouse. 

Micke desk set-up
After 1500 miles, unpacking 200 hundred boxes, and putting together rooms after room of furniture; I am finally getting back to the hobby desk. This is a new set-up for me that I am going to try. I have a split set-up for painting, since we now reside across the street from Disney World and I am expecting to see many guests over the course of the year. My main set-up is in the guest room and my airbrush station is set-up in the garage.

I started with a Micke corner desk ($139) from IKEA. This is a bit smaller than I really wanted, but it has a set of shelves and enough space for the new lenovo all-in-one computer. I added a set of Dioder lights ($19.99). I started with the 4 pack, which is a set of LED strips that can be connected in any number of ways and all connect to a single hub. The desk has a set of panels that go into the back, but I left one out though so that I can watch the nightly fireworks from the Magic Kingdom.

Dioder light strip above monitor
The LED light strips are set across the main section and then on a couple of the shelves. I set-up the lights so that I have some light to paint, but also a set of lighted shelves for the in progress pieces. Currently in the line up are the This Is Not A Test Peacekeepers which will be part of the NOVA Open charity silent auction in September.

Following that set are a set of the same for me and the range of Brigade Games wasteland survivors from the very successful Kickstarter campaign. These will be used to create a number of new warbands to be used for upcoming demos around the Orlando area. Hoping to play the first game this weekend.

Well, there is still an entire guest room to build and have to finish out the garage to get the airbrush up and running.

Look for some new materials for This Is Not A Test soon. Once the Kickstarter materials are finalized, back to work on the rules for mounts, new specialists, and a new Florida themed supplement. Lots to keep my busy, so hopefully I'll be painting again regularly very soon.