Wednesday, May 18, 2016

A return to glory... life in the Sunshine Wastes

The Sunshine Wastes

It was a beautiful Spring day outside of Them Parks. One of the few remaining before the start of the wet season in Florida when the trade winds blow into the winds of the Gulf causing regular showers and thunderstorms.

Tom Tibedeaux, Lord Reclaimer of the Brighter Yesterday Society, took his crew out to recover or salvage some ancient materials to bring back to the settlement. The group started out early on a Sunday morning to some nearby ruins. The band consisted of Doug Faraday (Reclaimer), Seamus Bell (Arbiter), Glocken Musk and Spiel Jobs (Seekers).

As the BYS scoured the Industrial Wastes of old Orlando, the group ran into a group of Raiders known locally as the Waste Hounds. Though outnumbered, the BYS spread out to secure locations to ensure the reclamation of materials to restore the glory and light to the area and to prevent the destruction or sale of the materials. The Waste Hounds moved quickly into the area and spread out to cover as many as the sites as possible.

Mad Dog and Goliath captures the first site, but were quickly engaged by Tom, Seamus, and Doug quickly took positions to engage. Seamus was able to unleash the minigun in a hail of lead to take out Mad Dog. Tom quickly followed with his laser carbine to bring down Goliath.

Continuing the push, the Waste Hounds sent Blitz, .30, and Prometheus into another ruin site and were engaged by Glocken and Spiel. Prometheus moved forward with his flamethrower, but when the pilot light went out he was quickly knocked down by Spiel with a gut blast of his shotgun. With fire coming in from .30, Glocken charged to run him through with his bayonet. .30 was able to avoid the attack and took Glocken out with his large machine gun. The shots were close and in the end proved to be too much and devastating to Glocken.

Seamus moved forward under cover from Tom and Doug to capture a site. During the gun fight, Faraday blew a motivator and went down. After clearing the issues, he took a number of shots from Wayne and went prone to avoid additional shots. Tom also started taking fire from two additional Waste Hounds and was forced into cover. After recovering the two immediately re-engage.

Spiel jumped into one of the ruined buildings and blasted .30 from behind. With mounting loses, Blitz attempted to move to a better support position, but as a result moved into an exposed position and was knocked down by Spiel.

With the Waste Hounds tucking tail and running, the Brighter Yesterday Society was able to secure the remaining sites. In the search, the group was able to find a shiny object in the rubble.

On the return trip, Spiel in an effort to deal with the loss of Glocken went off to clear his head. While on his journey, he wandered into what should have been a devoid space. Here he ran found himself in a dark place and one to which he narrowly escaped. He came back to the settlement with a quiet stillness and darker look in his eyes.

With the recent success and apparent growth in competition, the group picked up two additional members. These two excavators will be added to help do the heavy lifting of recovery and transport.

Upcoming Projects

With my move completed and us mostly settled into the new house, I have re-established my hobby spaces and have been regularly working to get things in order and to get projects started. I will be working to complete the Paladin of Serenrae very soon to get that shipped out. Then it is a schedule of working on the NOVA Open Charitable Foundation Silent Auction pieces from This In Not A Test and on to additional pieces to support the game. Lots of things are stacked up to get done.