Saturday, July 2, 2016

Not all Roaches are bad, some are Rad!

This Is Not A Test Rad Roach

Rad Roach (primed)
You can count on two things surviving the apocalypse. One is goo filled and leads to an early grave, the other is the cockroach. Once you just needed to get past the ick factor and put a boot onto them, but those days are long past.

Creatures of the darkness, scavengers of carrion, and opportunists to attack unsuspecting wastelanders. The Rad Roach ($6.50 for 1 or a swarm of 5 for $29.50)  a far surpassed survival. Thriving on a study diet of the detritus of the wasteland, the Rad Roach has adapted to tolerate high levels of radiation, either from direct exposure or bio accumulation.

Much as in days of the past, the Rad Roach is a nuisance in the wastes. And much like the days of the past where there is one Rad Roach there are many. Unlike days of the past, these will take down a herd of cows (or Caravanners) and clean the bones in a day.

Initial complete phase

Rad Roach Painting

 For this version of the Rad Roach, I decided to base it on an actual cockroach. Unfortunately, I am color blind (protan if you are interested) and I didn't have a direct match to the colors I wanted to use. I decided to mix up something that might work enough for what I needed and started to paint.

The main body of the Rad Roach was created by mixing Reaper HD Sunburn Flesh with Reaper HD Sunrise Orange and Vallejo Mahogany in a 6:1:4 ratio. To bring the color up, I added 1 drop each of Vallejo Candlelight Yellow and Sunrise Orange tot he remaining paint. I continued to bring the contrast up by repeating this step another time. With the layers of color added, the entire model was washed down with Devlan Mud. A round of touch ups to clean up the wash layer. Six additional drops of of the Candlelight Yellow to the remaining paint mixture and the final touch up for highlights.

Final model
With this base color applied, the roach that I selected had a highlighted color on the top of the carapace and on the legs. The actual roach's highlights were amber, an amber that I didn't have. I went with a bit of a wilder decision. I went with some Citadel Ivandian Darksun for the face, topmost carapace, and spiny protrusions.

Final Model
This gave me something that wasn't quite right, but I could not put my finger on exactly where I needed to make changes. I went to the Hobby Hangout Facebook group and solicited some advice. I was given suggestions to add some banding to the antenna, ink the lines, and bring the highlight color (Ivandian Darksun) up more. I used Game Ink Black to do the lining. I used another layer of the Ivandian Darksun to add the bands and the carapace highlights.