Sunday, July 10, 2016

You can Depend-O-Bot on me!

This Is Not A Test Depend-O-Bot

Blocked colors
Keeping the peace sometimes requires a carrot and sometimes it requires a stick. When the Peacekeepers need a really big stick, they call in the Depend-O-Bot. Created just prior to the Great Fall, the Depend-O-Bot was the latest and greatest in the unmanned fighting force. Able to run efficiently on any available fuel, the Depend-O-Bot is a rugged and robust machine of destruction.

 The Depend-O-Bot ($6.50) provides an assured level of protection for a reasonable amount of barter script. The issue is more about finding a working Depend-O-Bot in the midst of piles and piles of rubble. Once it is found, getting it in working order can be an ordeal.

All of that stress and trouble is well worth the price when the bullets are flying or engaged in close combat. The capability to have an integral weapon allows the Depend-O-Bot to be equipped with a two-handed melee weapon as well as a ranged weapon. The additional armor keeps it running through whatever the enemy forces can throw at you.

Factory Paint

Depend-O-Bots were produced for military and civilian purposes. I chose a civilian outfitted model with a police style paint scheme. I blocked out the figure with Vallejo Model Color Flat Blue. I graduated the armor plating using a Vallejo White and Vallejo Light Gray blend. I started with an even mix for the first level and then slowly added more white to the mix to bring it up.

For all of the components of tubes, I used a mix of Vallejo Gunmetal Grey and Vallejo Black Grey. There a few sets of pipes along the neckline and going to his weapon and for the joints at the hips and back of the knees. The gun is a base of Vallejo Gunmetal Grey with an ammo feed of Citadel Game Colour Beaten Copper.

Most of the model was washed with Vallejo Dark Grey, mostly in the recesses. Some Citadel Boltgun metal was used to make some sections of wear to the model. I over painted the wear marks, then went back with the Vallejo Flat Blue and stippled it in to break up the wear marks.

Finished Depend-O-Bot
The "eye" was done with a base of Vallejo Flat Red which was followed with a lighter area of mixed Reaper Sunrise Orange with the Vallejo Flat Red. This didn't have enough of a pop to it though, so I added a center spot of Reaper Candlelight Yellow. To add some rusting to the body, I layered some wash with the Vallejo Dark Rust.

I based the miniature on a Secret Weapon Miniatures 30 mm round sewer base which I got as part of a swag bag from the NOVA Open. You can get it as part of the Town Square set ($10.00). This was painted up with the Vallejo Grey Black then highlighted with Citadel Game Colour Tin Bitz and washed with Vallejo Dark Grey and Vallejo European Dust.

This will be one of the Peacekeeper sets that will be part of the silent auction at NOVA Open this year, so stay tuned as the Peacekeepers get put together and painted up.