Thursday, March 20, 2014

Reaper Bones Cleric finished

I took some time tonight to finish up my entry for the Reaper Bones Paint My Bones! Facebook group challenge this month. I may add a little highlighting tomorrow after taking another look at it. I added a little gold highlight to the chain, but not sure it is sufficient. I may also need another wash on the armor and some highlight for the hair. I finished up the hammer using the Citadel Boltgun Metal for the head and point, Beaten Copper for the metal highlights, Fiery Orange for the middle section of the hammer, and Charadon granite for the pole. The belt and scabbard are made using Army Painter Leather Brown and the handle of the short sword is the Citadel Beaten copper. The base was covered in the Citadel Stirland Mud with the Dead Winter static grass from Gale Force Nine and some highland grass from Army Painter.

I am not a fan generally of the bases holding the Bones figures up. So far I have only seen a few that are close to the "right" size and many are quite small, making the figure unstable. Overall I am pleased with this, though it is still apparent that I need to get better at eyes (always the hardest thing for me) and I'm still working through working with the Bones material and paint.

Feedback, always welcome.