Thursday, March 20, 2014

Some better photos and better contrast/highlights

Many thanks to those on Google+ and Facebook who provided some additional feedback on this miniature. I did a heavier wash with the Vallejo grey wash on the armor, especially in the shadowy places. I also created a red wash using a dark brown wash with some ruby red, both Citadel paints. I then highlighted the cape with some drybrushing of blazing orange from Citadel as well.

The lighting is better as I turned the light away and then used some paper to diffuse the light out of the bulb. This and turning off all other lighting sources seems to have helped greatly. I'll have to make up an actual painting platform so I can get better shots. A solid black base and a solid black backdrop should help.

Thanks to Reaper and the Paint my Bones! Facebook group or inspiring this. Now to knock out all of the undead Bones figures so he has something to fight.