Monday, March 17, 2014

Reaper Bones cleric painting challenge

A little while ago, the Paint My Bones group on Facebook put up a new painting challenge. It is using one of the Reaper Bones Cleric figures. The deadline is the 20th, so naturally I started painting tonight and gave myself 4 days to complete and submit.

I was battling the color scheme a while in my head, fighting between a cleric of Helm (Forgotten Realms setting) or of Pelor (traditional Dungeons and Dragons). As you can see below, I started with a bold cloak (Citadel Mechrite Red). Added the armor (Citadel Bolt gun metal) with red trim (Citadel Blood Angels Red). The tabards are two additional reds; lower (Citadel Crimson Gore) and upper (Citadel Ruby Red). Book pages are a base of Citadel Bleached Bone with  a Citadel Devlan Mud wash and the connection chain is Citadel Beaten Copper.